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    • Chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes of tomato 

      Lichtenstein, Gabriel; Conte, Mariana; Asis, Ramón; Carrari, Fernando (2016)
      This chapter summarizes the main features of the tomato plastid and mitochondrial genomes in the context of the current knowledge about “orthologue” genomes from other higher plants species in a historical perspective. ...
    • Identification and characterization of metabolite quantitative trait loci in tomato leaves and comparison with those reported for fruits and seeds 

      Nunes Nesi, Adriano; Alseekh, Saleh; Oliveira Silva, Franklin Magnum de; Omranian, Nooshin; Lichtenstein, Gabriel; Mirnezhad, Mohammad; Romero González, Roman R.; Sabio Y Garcia, Julia Veronica; Conte, Mariana; Leiss, Kirsten A.; Klinkhamer, Peter G. L.; Nikoloski, Zoran; Carrari, Fernando; Fernie, Alisdair R. (Springer, 2019-04)
      Introduction: To date, most studies of natural variation and metabolite quantitative trait loci (mQTL) in tomato have focused on fruit metabolism, leaving aside the identification of genomic regions involved in the ...
    • MicroRNA analysis of Taenia crassiceps cysticerci under praziquantel treatment and genome-wide identification of Taenia solium miRNAs 

      Pérez, Matías; Macchiaroli, Natalia; Lichtenstein, Gabriel; Conti, Gabriela; Asurmendi, Sebastian; Milone, Diego Humberto; Stegmayer, Georgina; Kamenetzky, Laura; Cucher, Marcela; Rosenzvit, Mara Cecilia (2017-09)
      MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that have emerged as important regulators of gene expression and perform critical functions in development and disease. In spite of the increased interest in miRNAs from helminth ...