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    • Analysis of sink/source relations in bread wheat recombinant inbred lines and commercial cultivars under a high yield potential environment 

      Alonso, Maria Pí­a; Abbate, Pablo Eduardo; Mirabella, Nadia Estefania; Aramburu Merlos, Fernando; Panelo, J.S.; Pontaroli, Ana Clara (2018-02)
      Grain yield in wheat is generally considered to be sink-limited during grain filling. But is this limitation inherent to the crop species or a consequence of the breeding process? A way to ascertain this is by using genetic ...
    • Brechas de rendimiento de girasol en Argentina 

      Rodríguez, I.M.; Troglia, Carolina Beatriz; Zuil, Sebastian; Quiroz, Facundo Jose; Aramburu Merlos, Fernando; Cipriotti, Pablo Ariel; Hall, Antonio Juan; Mercau, Jorge Luis; Monzón, Juan Pablo (Estación Experimental Agropecuaria Balcarce, INTA, 2020-03)
      Achicar las brechas en Girasol hasta lograr el 80% del rendimiento potencial en secano implicaría un ingreso adicional estimado para el país de 250 millones de dólares anuales.
    • Cuantificación de las brechas de rendimiento de soja, trigo y maíz de Argentina. 

      Aramburu Merlos, Fernando (2016-03)
      En esta tesis se cuantificó cuanto más grano puede producirse en Argentina sin expandir el área cultivada reduciendo las brechas de rendimiento (i.e. diferencia entre el rendimiento potencial en secano (RPS) y el rendimiento ...
    • Pattern and process in crop species diversity and lime requirements models 

      Aramburu Merlos, Fernando (University of California at Davis, 2022-07)
      Changes in crop species diversity can affect agroecosystem function. However, most crop diversity studies insufficiently account for the influence of scale on spatial crop diversity, and its relation to temporal diversity ...
    • Potential for crop production increase in Argentina through closure of existing yield gaps 

      Aramburu Merlos, Fernando; Monzon, Juan Pablo; Mercau, Jorge Luis; Taboada, Miguel Angel; Andrade, Fernando Hector; Hall, Antonio Juan; Jobbagy Gampel, Esteban Gabriel; Cassman, Kenneth G.; Grassini, Patricio (Elsevier, 2015-12)
      Favorable climate and soils for rainfed crop production, together with a relatively low population density, results in 70–90% of Argentina grain production being exported. No assessment to date has tried to estimate the ...
    • Potential, attainable, and current levels of global crop diversity 

      Aramburu Merlos, Fernando; Hijmans, Robert J. (IOP Publishing, 2022-04-04)
      High levels of crop species diversity are considered beneficial. However, increasing diversity might be difficult because of environmental constraints and the reliance on a few major crops for most food supply. Here we ...
    • The scale dependency of spatial crop species diversity and its relation to temporal diversity 

      Aramburu Merlos, Fernando; Hijmans, Robert J. (National Academy of Sciences, 2020-10-20)
      Increasing crop species diversity can enhance agricultural sustainability, but the scale dependency of the processes that shape diversity and of the effects of diversity on agroecosystems is insufficiently understood. We ...