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    • Genome-wide data (ChIP-seq) enabled identification of cell wall-related and aquaporin genes as targets of tomato ASR1, a drought stress-responsive transcription factor 

      Ricardi, Martiniano María; González, Rodrigo Matías; Silin, Zhong; Dominguez, Pia Guadalupe; Duffy, Tomas; Turjanski, Pablo Guillermo; Salgado Salter, Juan David; Alleva, Karina Edith; Carrari, Fernando; Giovannoni, James J.; Estevez, Jose Manuel; Iusem, Norberto Daniel (BMC, 2014-01)
      Background: Identifying the target genes of transcription factors is important for unraveling regulatory networks in all types of organisms. Our interest was precisely to uncover the spectrum of loci regulated by a widespread ...
    • Natural occurring epialleles determine vitamin E accumulation in tomato fruits 

      Quadrana, Leandro Daniel; Almeida de Souza, Juliana Beatriz; Asis, Ramón; Duffy, Tomas; Dominguez, Pia Guadalupe; Bermudez Salazar, Luisa; Conti, Gabriela; Silva, Junia V. Corrêa da; Peralta, Iris Edith; Colot, Vincent; Asurmendi, Sebastian; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Rossi, Magdalena; Carrari, Fernando Oscar (2014-07)
      Vitamin E (VTE) content is a low heritability nutritional trait for which the genetic determinants are poorly understood. Here, we focus on a previously detected major tomato VTE quantitative trait loci (QTL; mQTL9-2-6) ...
    • Transcriptional regulation of tocopherol biosynthesis in tomato 

      Quadrana, Leandro Daniel; Almeida de Souza, Juliana Beatriz; Otaiza, Santiago N.; Duffy, Tomas; Silva, Junia V. Corrêa da; Godoy, Fabiana de; Asís, Ramón; Bermúdez, Luisa; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Carrari, Fernando; Rossi, Magdalena (Springer, 2013-02)
      Tocopherols, compounds with vitamin E (VTE) activity, are potent lipid-soluble antioxidants synthesized only by photosynthetic organisms. Their biosynthesis requires the condensation of phytyl-diphosphate and homogentisate, ...