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    • Establishing the ecological restoration network in Argentina: from Rio1992 to SIACRE2015 

      Zuleta, Gustavo Adolfo; Rovere, Adriana E.; Pérez, Daniel; Campanello, Paula Inés; Guida-Johnson, Bárbara; Escartin, Celina Andrea; Dalmasso, Antonio Daniel; Renison, Daniel; Ciano, Nicolas Francisco; Aronson, James (2015-03)
      The development of the science and practice of restoration ecology in Argentina can be divided into three periods. The first was 1992–2004, characterized by isolated restoration efforts, mostly in arid and dry ecosystems, ...
    • Grazing increases evapotranspiration without the cost of lowering soil water storages in arid ecosystems 

      Pereyra, Daniel A.; Bucci, Sandra Janet; Arias, Nadia Soledad; Ciano, Nicolas Francisco; Cristiano, Piedad María; Goldstein, Guillermo Hernan; Scholz, Fabian Gustavo (2017-09)
      Grazing is the predominant land use practice in arid environments; however, there are relatively few studies of grazing effects on ecosystem functioning. We assessed the impact of grazing on soil moisture, evapotranspiration ...