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    • Field evaluation of Varroa-resistance traits in surviving Apis mellifera colonies in Argentina 

      Visintini, Miguel; Pacini, Adriana Cecilia; Merke, Julieta; Scannapieco, Alejandra Carla; Molineri, Ana Ines; Orellano, Julio Cesar; Bedascarrasbure, Maria Belen; Miotti, Camila; Ceccotti, Micaela; Bulacio Cagnolo, Natalia Veronica; Signorini Porchiett, Marcelo Lisandro; Giacobino, Agostina (Springer, 2021-10)
      Varroa destructor is one of the most important sanitary threats for the beekeeping industry and so far disease control is based mainly on chemical treatment. However, a long-term solution may arise from studying natural ...