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    • Birds and hard ticks (Acari: Ixodidae), with discussions about hypotheses on tick evolution 

      Guglielmone, Alberto; Nava, Santiago (2017)
      The relationship between birds (Aves) and hard ticks (Ixodidae) was analyzed for the 386 of 721 tick extant species whose larva, nymph and adults are known as well as their natural hosts. A total of 136 (54 Prostriata= ...
    • Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) on wild birds in north-central Argentina 

      Flores, Fernando Sebastián; Nava, Santiago; Batallán, Pedro Gonzalo; Tauro, Laura Beatriz; Contigiani de Minio, Marta Silvia; Diaz, Luis Adrian; Guglielmone, Alberto (2014-10)
      Ixodid ticks were collected from wild birds in five ecoregions in north-central Argentina, namely: Selva de las Yungas, Esteros del Iberá, Delta e Islas del Paraná, Selva Paranaense and Chaco Seco. A total of 2199 birds ...